As we prepare for the start of our Holiday Recital season, we have been asked by several family members to remind everyone of the recital etiquette and protocol that all are expected to follow to ensure a smooth and successful event.  So…here goes!

Students and Parents:

Please wear dress clothes.

Jeans, shorts, open toe shoes, etc. are not acceptable attire for a recital.  Parents, you are setting an example, and though you don’t have to be dressed fancy, you should be dressed up and look neat.

Suggested attire:

Boys: suit and dress shoes or button-down shirt with dress pants and dress shoes.

Girls: Either a dress or blouse and skirt/dress pants.  No flip-flops or athletic footwear.

Please understand that the wearing of proper attire shows respect to your audience, as well as to yourself, and of what you have accomplished.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students not dressed appropriately WILL NOT be allowed to perform.  No exceptions.

Respect the performers. Unnecessary noise from whispering, talking, etc., during a program is not acceptable.

Food, drinks, snacks are NOT permitted in the recital hall.

Turn off or silence all cell phones and any electrical devices that may produce sound.

Once the recital begins, please listen and be quiet. Crying babies should be removed from the recital hall. They are not happy, and neither is the audience or the performer!

If you arrive late, please wait to enter between pieces when you hear applause.

Do not enter the recital hall or switch seats while someone is performing.  If you are attending with small children, please refrain them from wandering during the recital.

Please stay until the performance or event is completely over!  Attending a recital so that other families will serve as audience to your child, and then leaving before the other performers have finished, is rude and inconsiderate.  If you have other obligations or matters to attend to before the recital is over, please consider NOT attending as a courtesy to the other performers and families.

Please be aware that The Conservatory or the instructor, in addition to the families of students and/or audience members, may post photographs or videos of your child on the Internet. If you do not want photographs or videos taken of your child, the only option will be to not allow your child to participate in the recital.

These rules of etiquette are not meant to hinder, but to enhance, the entire recital experience.  Thank you for your understanding and adherence to all the above.