Photo Day

In Appreciation for Your Patronage

The Conservatory of Music is proud to host our first PHOTO DAY at our Cinco Ranch location on Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 2:00pm – 6:00pm.  Please note that photo shoot slots are extremely limited and will be provided on a reservation basis only.  

There is NO CHARGE for this shoot, and you will be provided with one (1) digital photo of your child.  Totally at your option, you may purchase actual “prints” of your child’s pose directly from the photographer, who will utilize her professional lab service.  Please note the photographer’s price sheet listed below…although the sheet lists the photographer’s normal prices, she has agreed to offer significant discounts on the day of the shoot!

Now for the fine print…by providing this service, The Conservatory of Music asks for your permission to be able to use your child’s photo for promotional purposes.  Only the photo will be used…no name or other identifying information will be mentioned.  The Conservatory of Music will assume your permission has been granted if you do not specifically deny permission during the photo shoot.  

Reserve your photo shoot slot today!