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The Man Behind the Music

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Dr. Michael Guevara, was born in San Antonio, Texas on April 17, 1963. His love for music started for him at the age of nine. He was inspired by the movie 'The Sting' with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Dr. G had just started lessons in piano and wanted to play the piece from the movie. He took his time to "sound out" the music and learned the piece within one day. And to quote Dr. G, "The rest is history." He like Plato believed that before anything else a child should be taught the art of music. 

Thanks to Dr. G, The Conservatory was started June 1, 2007 and his dream to teach came to pass. Dr Guevara is no longer with us but his dreams and the school will continue. His wife Berta is still doing all she can to keep the dream alive. 

"And the Rest is History." - Dr. Guevara

Meet the Team

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