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Rules and Guidelines
The Conservatory is an institution of higher learning, in which the classical method of music instruction (proven over decades and centuries) is emphasized. The Conservatory is the ONLY Founding School of the Royal Conservatory of MusicDevelopment Program (MDP) in the entire greater Houston area. The Conservatory has now been voted the “BEST in KATY” and is the most awarded school of music.Please understand you are securing a lesson time slot, “not” a particular instructor. ALL instructors who teach at The Conservatory are professionals and are very capable of teaching you or your child. In the extremely rare instance that your preferred instructor is out or no longer available, The Conservatory reserves the right to assign another professional instructor to your chosen time slot tocontinue with your lessons. Having a substitute instructor does NOT relieve the student of their responsibility to attend their lesson.
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Another very important facet to a child’s learning is the involvement of the parent during the student’s practice time at home. Therefore, it is expected that a parent(s) will assist their child with their studies, especially up to the age of seven (7), and hopefully beyond. However, the early formative years are most critical and is where the parent(s) MUST commit to working with their child for proper age-related musical development.
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ALL matters dealing with the student’s lesson shall be addressed to the front office, and NOT to the individual instructors. Instructors only teach. The office staff is there for any help you may need with sudden or permanent changes to the class, day, and time.
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Your child’s image/photograph/video could be used for various promotional or educational purposes by The Conservatory. While your child’s first name may be used (as is required by local magazines, etc.), NO LAST NAME OR ADDRESS will be included with your child’s image. You are giving permission to The Conservatory to use any image/photography/video as described above and are willing to release this into the public domain and understand that no monetary compensation will be given for the use of the material.
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Our current base tuition rate is inclusive of a typical 4-week month. Any month with 5 weeks will incur an additional $20 for the fifth week. Our program fees are based on a monthly schedule (4 or 5-week months, 5th week is not optional), payable in advance. The Conservatory of Music requires a two (2) month minimum for all lessons, payable at lesson sign-up. There is a one-time familyregistration fee of $35.00 when beginning with the conservatory. You will not pay this fee again as long as you remain enrolled in The Conservatory. If you withdraw from The Conservatory and then with to re-enroll, the registration fee will be waived the family is returning within 6 months of their last lesson date. If the re-enrollment is 6 months after their last lesson date, the registration fee willbe required again. A one-time consultation lesson is available for $40.00.
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Months are NOT prorated between September 1st and May 31st of any school year, except for specific holidays or during the summer months of June, July, and August.
The Conservatory of Music conducts business via credit card authorization, which is mandatory. Payments are automatically charged to the credit card on file at the last lesson of the current month. Receipts for the charges will be provided viaemail. A $25.00 late fee will be assessed for tuition charges received after the due date, in cases of NSF or declined credit card authorizations.
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The Conservatory has regularly scheduled recitals once a year in the months of October and November. To participate in our recitals, a student must have a minimum of 6 months of lessons with The Conservatory. A student must also be an “active” student to participate in our recitals. A withdrawal of the students prior to their scheduled recital will disqualify them from being able to participate in the recital. Please note that, at present, there is a $5.00, per child, fee to participate in the recital.
__ I have read the above and agree.
Tuition payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Withdrawals require a 30-day notice AND the completion of our withdrawal form or submission of a withdrawal notice via email. Any withdrawal with less than the required notice, or conducted via telephone, will incur a $35.00 drop fee.
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Please note that consistent lesson attendance is CRITICAL to achieving maximum benefits of the lessons provided. Therefore, The Conservatory will allow a maximum of four (4) makeup lessons within the school calendar year (September 1 st – May 31 st ), conditioned on the request being received at least 24 hours in advance via email or phone call. We urge you to leave a voicemail in case of any sudden situation and you will miss the following day and we are closed. Should an absence occur due to illness or medical emergency on the date of the lesson, we will reschedule the lesson. Due to an overwhelming number of rescheduled lessons, makeups will need to be completed within 90 days of the requested missed lesson date or will be forfeited. As has been our policy, there will be NO makeup given for missed or cancelled makeup lessons. Please keep in mind rescheduled lessons are not guaranteed to be completed or credited to the account. Conservatory administrators will advise the eligible families of the dates available from which to choose their makeup depending on the availability of the teacher’s schedule. If the school must cancel lessons due to circumstances outside of our control, the missed lessons will be rescheduled as quickly as possible but may warrant the lesson to be conducted on a day other than your normal lesson day.
__ I have read the above and agree.
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