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Mr. Mark

Having been at the conservatory for the past 16 years has broadened my musical fortitude. To be able to instill musical concepts for my students has been rewarding in many ways. I’m blessed to be a part of a tremendous music school. The founders, Dr. Michael and Berta Guevarra knew the importance of imparting instrumental and vocal lessons that would catapult them in their formative years of instruction. I have a B.A. in Humanities with a music emphasis, bible and communications and a Masters in Vocal Performance. I have directed church choir and have helped lead churches in their worship services for the past 23 years. I traveled across the U.S. with a Christian vocal group, traveled to 5 different countries in Europe with a college choir. Also went to the Philippines twice to direct a Philippine choir for a church crusade. Since being here in Houston, I’ve taught private school students in 5 CyFair high schools; having served members achieving All-State Choir status.

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Ms. Ann

My musical background was very rich and fully involved in both voice and piano.  From a home of musical grandparents who raised and encouraged me in every musical pursuit, there was also the training of many years:  lessons, choirs, major choral works, recitals and performances. All of it was valuable preparation for my life as a professional musician.  I received a degree in Voice Performance from LSU, and later in life received a Degree in Music Healing.  During college my paid Scholarship was as an accompanist for two voice faculty teachers, a gift and privilege of great value.  I also enjoyed singing and playing in Clubs in New Orleans, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Houston; directing church choirs, teaching Music Healing for 25 years, and always teaching private lessons in my home.  Since 2015 I have loved teaching here only at the Conservatory of Music.
My teaching motivation has always been to teach students from a deep and abiding love of music.  I have seen such powerful and beautiful life experiences as students dig in, try their best, persevere and learn important qualities for life:  appreciation of structure and practice, acquire sensitivity, learn to see details, become a fine listener, set goals, and most of all, develop patience and kindness for themselves as they are step at a time, one song at a time. They grow into more confident children, teens or adults. A student asked two weeks ago, "Ms Ann, who is your favorite composer?"; I was speechless for a moment, because there are so many.  I think I replied "Beethoven or maybe Chopin", but that leaves out hundreds.  An impossible question for me, as I am still learning music I haven't worked on before.  What fun.  Such joy!

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