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Suggested attire:

Participants: Proper recital attire, black slacks, dress, or skirt, white button ups, or white blouse with matching footwear. PLEASE NOTE: Students not dressed appropriately WILL NOT be allowed to perform. No exceptions.

Recital Hall Rules

Please remain seated until the performance or all of the participants have completed their performance. Unnecessary whispering, talking, etc., during a program is not acceptable. Food, drinks, snacks are NOT permitted in the recital hall. Silence all cell phones and any electrical devices. Please wait until a performances is over before entering the recital hall. Crying/busy children should be removed from the recital hall. They are a distraction to the audience and performers. These rules of etiquette are not meant to hinder, but to enhance, the entire recital experience.


Thank you for your understanding and adherence to all the above.

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